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Best Real Estate Agents in Chino Hills CA
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Best Real Estate Agents in Chino Hills CA

Tobias Stroman – The Associates Realty Group is a local real estate firm providing its services through its best real estate agents in Chino Hills CA. We are proud of our repute and the efforts that we have put to make our company’s name well-known in our local area. We are focused on making the real estate experiences of our clients excellent and delivering them the best financial results. 

Whether you need assistance in devising a marketing plan to make your home sell fast or want us to lead you through the process of buying a new home, we are here to assist by our professional real estate agents in Chino Hills CA. Tobias Stroman, a practiced realtor and the owner of the company, is eager to learn about your needs and aid you in reaching your dreams. 

Our Mission

We want to treat each client as important and use our hard-earned experience for their benefit.

Our Vision

Whenever our clients let us handle their real estate matters, we want to create an experience that is fulfilling for them.

Our Services

What We Offer

Real Estate Agents

Our professional real estate agents in Chino Hills CA, are licensed and knowledgeable in assisting our customers in buying, selling, or renting real estate throughout our local area.

Selling Services

To assist our customers in selling their real estate properties, we have the best real estate agents in Chino Hills CA. Also offer comprehensive selling services including marketing their listing to preparing loyalty contracts and purchasing agreements.

Buying Services
From analyzing the needs of clients for buying a new home to examining and classifying different available properties that suit the needs of our customers, we are included in our buying services in Chino Hills, CA.
Buyer Evaluation
To assist real estate buyers in pulling off their real estate goals, we provide buyer evaluation in Chino Hills, CA. We will take care of evaluating your financial state and providing suggestions for property buying
Closing Services
Our closing services in Chino Hills, CA, will ensure that all the required papers are signed after closing the real estate deal. We will also ensure that the money from the sale has reached the seller.
Contract Writing
To assist our customers in closing the real estate deals and ensure that everything is in line with the local real estate laws, we will develop all the legal documents with correct descriptions by providing our contract writing services in Chino Hills, CA.
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Frequently Asked Questions

While the answer depends on your current financial state, we advise you to buy a home. When you pay rent, the money you pay is gone and never going to come back to you, but if you buy a new home, the same money can be used to pay the installment of your mortgage, which is an asset.
Yes, it can be beneficial in many ways if you get yourself pre-approved for a mortgage before searching for a new house.

There are many mind-boggling details involved in the process of buying or selling real estate. By using our professional real estate agents in Chino Hills CA, you will get the right guidance through each step of your process.

The chances of getting your offers rejected are there, but we will not let you stop. We will negotiate and see that the transaction is completed.
An experienced real estate agent and an appraiser can help you know the property’s true worth.
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Tenacious Realtors

We know that we have to put tireless efforts into helping our customers fulfill their precious dreams. That’s why all of our realtors remain determined and tenacious while working with our clients on their real estate ventures.


Whatever the circumstances or whatever issues pop up in your real estate journey, we promise our customers to remain honest and straightforward with them. We offer 100% transparency regarding every real estate matter.

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